I am Enough
by Danielle Saputo


Danielle Saputo Coach and Family Enterprise Advisor

In the story of our lives, we are often influenced by the events of our past.  For some, these experiences can be positive and help shape who we are. And for others, these same experiences can have a negative effect, leading us to believe that we are not good enough. Events in our life lead us to beliefs. The question is are these beliefs true?

For better or worse, our family history and relationships shape the course of our lives.  Our families provide support, love and guidance, and they can also leave a lasting imprint on our minds and hearts. When we are constantly in the shadow of those around us, it becomes difficult to see our own potential and live as the best version of ourselves.

Whether you are from an affluent family or not, if you are looking for guidance on navigating the complexities of life, this book is for you. Whether you are a parent looking to gain a deeper understanding of your children’s and grandchildren’s perspectives, or a young adult struggling to find your place in the world, this book provides the tools you need to navigate life’s challenges and succeed in whatever path you choose. So if you’re ready to take control of your destiny, achieve your dreams, and be all that you can be, look no further than this book!

The journey to finding our authentic self, the best version of us, can be a long and difficult one, full of twists and turns. No matter how challenging, the journey is worth it. The choice to live in a state of positivity is ours and ours alone. So choose wisely, my friend. Choose to be the best version of ourself. Choose to be authentic. And most importantly, choose to be happy and say with full confidence “I Am Enough”.

My book has launched!

“I Am Enough chronicles the personal odyssey of Danielle Saputo from quiet compliant girl to strong confident woman, heir, coach, advisor and ultimately, inspiration. It is a deeply remarkable memoir that carries the reader along, provoking a multitude of thoughts and feelings along the way. You will be entranced by her journey and its compelling destination, a place of peace called Resilience.”

-James Grubman PhD.
Family wealth consultant and author of Strangers in Paradise: How Families Adapt to Wealth Across Generations.

“You don’t have to have grown up in affluence to relate to the themes and the wisdom in this book. Danielle presents an honest, humble account of her journey to finding her purpose and her voice, and offers ideas for the reader to do the same, without being preachy. I’ll be thinking about this book for some time to come!”

Amazon Review

“I have never read a self-development book that so seamlessly interweaves the stories of the author’s life and connects it to the wisdom that each life event bestowed on the author (and in turn the author bestows to the reader) as this one does. It’s a page-turning recount of various life events and their respective teachings that Danielle so vulnerably and openly shares. A clear labour of love from Danielle, with each word and phrase evidently curated with so much thought and intention behind it. It is concise and articulate, yet offers a comprehensive guide of how one can find greater fulfillment and unwavering belief in themselves. Danielle offers endless tangible ways in which the readers may integrate these learnings into their own life if they are moved to do so. This book offers golden wisdom for anyone and everyone. You will close the final page of the book like I did and undoubtedly affirm that you too are enough, and feel well equipped with the plethora of tools Danielle offers to return to this state whenever you stray away. Thank you, Danielle, for offering this true gift to the world.”

Amazon Review