What’s in the Logo?

What's in my Logo?

Danielle Saputo, Legacy Coach and Family Advisor

In my training as a coach the sequoia tree kept coming up.

It is my inner strength and wise one I turn to in time of need. It signifies forgiveness, gratefulness, wisdom, strength and endurance.

The sequoia is a great representation of what I stand for. The logo shows the sequoia as the family I represent and the individual "branch" which is shaped as a camera lens. This signifies my ability to bring perspective to my clients and work to help see things from a different lens to bring clarity and vision.

Sequoia trees are found mainly in Sierra Nevada mountain range between 5000-7000 feet. Sequoia's can grow up to 311 ft tall and 40 feet in width at its base, 1385 tons in weight (ie: that's more then 4 fully loaded jumbo jet airplanes). They live up to 3200 years. Adaptation makes them live this long.

They have a natural ability to withstand fires and many types of decay. Additionally this tree resists insects very effectively without human interference.

What does sequoia tree symbolize?

It is considered to be a symbolism of wellness, safety, vitality, longevity, wisdom, and communication. "To walk in a redwood forest is to enter nature's cathedral." They are among the Elder spirits of the earth plane, who grow together in a community.

The sequoia reminds us of our responsibility to our world and also whispers to us to pay attention to what's really important - growth - rather then small pesky matters.

Together we connect to create Harmony and Fulfill your Legacy.


"Advice from a Sequoia Tree: Stand tall and proud, Go out on a limb, Remember your roots, Drink plenty of water, Be content with your natural beauty and Enjoy the view."