Why are Family Meetings Important?

My family is my success in life

When was the last time you had a family meeting? Families of all backgrounds celebrate holidays, accomplishments and even in times of mourning come together as a family. You might remember your parents setting time aside to discuss weekend plans or the adoption of a new pet. No matter what the occasion or topic of discussion, the importance of having family meetings is valuable. It strengthens the family unit, and makes every family member feel a part of something.

You might think, “We get together every holiday. We can talk then”. Maybe we shy away from saying “we should get together and talk” because a “family meeting” sounds too formal. There are advantages to the formality. You bring value to your family meetings when you book time for them rather than discuss things on the fly when celebrating or enjoying the moment. Setting the time to discuss important family issues helps to give things focus and opens the opportunity to hear every voice involved. All too frequently, we wait till the last minute, and maybe it’s because of this that we see so many families today turning to litigators to solve “family issues.”

What makes having family meetings so important?  

Think of when things happen or when a crisis starts. Emotions and unpreparedness can get the best of us, and our family could misinterpret intentions. Planning and having a family discussion will help give everyone a chance to be seen and heard. Most importantly, family meetings can help just that and keep everyone on the same page. We can discuss more challenging or emotional topics before they happen. Having family meetings helps prepare us to overcome any obstacle and build resilience and togetherness.

The benefits of having Family Meetings.

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Family meetings are ways to share our experiences and pass down skills and know-how. It’s a golden chance to share stories and build on your togetherness as a family. They allow the strengths of every member to be explored, discussed and even shared with the multi-generations. They are ways we show each other that we accept each other and belong to a family unit. When done correctly, family meetings can keep things in harmony as we grow and build for the future.

Why do we need to have more regular family meetings?

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We all want to be part of the group and be worthy of love and belonging. Our own families can be this group: a non-judgemental, safe, inclusive place where we all share goals, celebrate uniqueness, and work together. We are encouraged to talk about our mistakes and differences. There is equality in the conversation where we all have our time to speak and listen. There is also the feeling of “I care for you even if I disagree with you”. A family meeting can help strengthen your connections with each other.  The more shared experiences you have the stronger the family unit becomes.

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You should now start to understand the importance of family meetings and how they contribute more than just quick conversations or celebrations. There is value in making an effort to come together to have an intentional conversation. If this feels too much to do yourself you can always call in a family advisor and facilitator to help. By setting up a time, focus, and encouraging togetherness and belonging, you will start to make your next family meeting a success.

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