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"In order to realize a big dream you have to know the reason why you want to do it."

Danielle Saputo

CIBC Family Office Webinar

There is a common perception that people who are born into wealth don’t have problems. In reality there are many roadblocks faced by the rising generation in affluent families on their path to thriving, including individual identity, pressure to succeed, and trust of outsiders. Please join CIBC Family Office as we hear from two thought leaders on best practices in identifying and overcoming these roadblocks.

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Family Harmony and a Sense of Entitlement

Danielle speaks to Our Family Office Inc. about family harmony and a sense of entitlement and her new book.

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Living in the Shadows of Wealth with Danielle Saputo

In a two-part interview for Serious Coin podcast, Danielle shared what it was like for her growing up in a family of tremendous affluence, her advice for smart intergenerational wealth planning and how she’s putting her own advice into practice in raising her three daughters.

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BNN Bloomberg Podcast with Danielle Saputo

BNN Bloomberg Podcast Smart Wealth with Thane Stenner and guest Danielle Saputo.

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Women in Business Luncheon

Foster connections & mutual support among women in the business community through a mix of professional insights, networking and relaxation.

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The Alberta Family Office & High Net Worth Conference

From an overview of the financial markets to investments in real estate, technology, and alternatives; from estate planning, preparing the next generation, woman entrepreneurship, and family business to philanthropy, impact investing, and the arts. We will discuss many of the issues that are on the agenda of the high-net-worth community and invite you to join us.

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